All consultations will be done via videoconference on a smartphone, tablet, or computer. We may also communicate via telephone and email. Payment is accepted prior to service through PayPal. Contact me today to set up an initial consultation!

Behavioral Consultation for Families

Does your child exhibit unwanted behaviors in the home, school, or community? This program starts with a parent interview and review of data to identify the areas of need. Next, behavior and motivation assessments will be completed to help develop a plan. Finally, families will be given a behavior program to follow to help reduce unwanted behavior and increase appropriate behavior. The program will continue to be monitored, updated, and faded away as the behaviors improve.

Toilet Training

Are you struggling to teach your toddler to use the toilet? Is your older child still not fully toilet trained? This program puts together an individualized Toilet Training Program and follows along with your progress until your child consistently uses the toilet on his or her own!

Social, Behavioral, & Communication Skills

A skill assessment will be conducted to identify skills the child already has and skill areas that need improvement. Next, a Skill Training program will be set up and caregivers, parents, or staff will be trained on how to teach the skills. Common skill deficits include:

  • Requesting Wants & Needs

  • Accepting Denials & Delays

  • Accepting Losing & Making Mistakes

  • Sharing & Taking Turns

  • Conversation Skills

  • Staying On-task & Task Completion

  • Compliance to Directions

Behavioral Consultation for Schools

Consultation services are provided to teachers in the areas of:

  • Behavior Reduction

    • Noncompliance

    • Physical Aggression​

    • Property Destruction

    • Swearing & Threatening

    • Leaving the classroom or building

  • Social Skills

    • Waiting​

    • Accepting "No"

    • Accepting Mistakes & Losing

    • Transitions

    • Friendship Skills

    • Communication

  • Classroom Support​

    • Classroom Management Program​

    • Effective Teaching Methods

    • Visual Supports


Are you, your family, school, or business interested in taking a course in the area of behavior management? Contact me today to discuss what you're looking for. Training webinars include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Proactive Procedures to Prevent Behaviors

  • Responding to Challenging Behaviors

  • Social Skill Training

  • Performance Management for Principals

  • Classroom Management

BCBA & BCaBA Supervision

Pursuing your BCBA or BCaBA? Contact me today to discuss supervision!

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